What Our Clients Say

  • “We use Jacksons as our preferred consultant for HVAC design and installation, particularly with regard to retrofit works. They are a team of professional engineers dedicated to improving the performance of HVAC systems. Simply put, they are simply the best and we have no hesitation in recommending their services.”
  • "I've worked with Jackson Engineering for four years. What I like about Jacksons is they have a team of engineers that have a good understanding of projects - from both a technical and practical angle. We use them to help solve air conditioning issues and I find that their solutions are practical and cost effective, providing the best outcome for our tenants."
  • “We had a problem: a large muesli bar production facility that was always hot and humid, causing many operational issues. Despite the building being relatively new with a reasonable air con system, it just wasn’t working. We contacted Lance and, after an initial visit, we understood the magnitude of our problem. We agreed to a sizeable spend and were able to promise our Board – with confidence – that it would work. And it did! Despite a hot and humid summer, it made a remarkable difference. Well done, Jackson Engineering.”